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Why choose us?

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How to change people's impression of domestic terminals, how to improve the quality of domestic terminals?


Quality is the most basic requirement for production and consumer goods. Customers want high quality products, no matter where they are made and who make them, so brand owners need to ensure that their quality needs are met. Everyone on the supply chain and in the supply chain's supply chain should be able to monitor product quality. In the event of quality problems, companies are often quickly exposed to mainstream media that consumers and consumers are paying attention to, which is why executives often stay up all night.


Collaboration is at the heart of global business. Paying close attention to quality-related processes is significant. Terminal companies should focus on the following three areas to help ensure that product quality in global supply chains does not become a problem:


First, continuous evaluation. Risk and compliance need to be managed continuously in an extended business relationship, but usually these relationships are only closely checked at the outset. This is not appropriate and the risk should be continuously assessed during the life cycle of the business relationship, so it is important to ensure that all processes are in place and can be continuously evaluated. These risks will vary from partner to partner and should be considered accordingly. They also need to make ongoing assessments of legal and regulatory issues in different markets, not just the market where the company is located. The most important thing is to solve the problems as soon as possible. All the relationships will be difficult to deal with. If they are allowed to exist, they may eventually become serious accidents.


Second, cooperate with standards and testing organizations. Product-related testing and standardization organizations work together, just like giving a product a vaccination in advance: it ensures that manufactured products meet international and national standards, as well as standards from specific trading partner countries, helping to avoid quality problems. The timing of the engagement is of course the sooner the intervention is better, and consideration should be given to working with these organizations at the design stage. Finally, don't forget to deal with the standards and testing organizations in the countries or regions where the company is manufacturing.


Third, through the technical means to achieve monitoring closed loop. It is highly recommended to consider the use of technology to achieve a closed loop of the quality of all manufacturing equipment in the network. When they are effectively integrated as part of a closed-loop quality process, they can proactively monitor events in any enterprise source so that the quality management system can identify potential problems before they occur. Enterprise sources that need to be monitored include supplier issues, manufacturing failures, complaints, services, and audits.


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